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Our Signature Nutrition & Wellness Program For Seniors

The average cost of food per resident in an assisted living facility is $2.50/day. At this price point, senior living facilities are serving meals that have excess sugar, processed foods, hydrogenated fats and oils, gluten, dairy, food additives and chemicals that are toxic to the body. These substances that are consumed contribute to inflammation, food intolerance that harm gut health and promote disease. Inflammation often leads to a host of ailments in the body if we do not make the necessary changes for our health. At Imagine Wellness Assisted Living, our average food cost is $14/day per resident, nearly 6 times the average cost!

Our program provides highly nutritious meals, made onsite from scratch, three times per day. We offer healthy senior living programs directed to maintaining adequate levels of vitamins, minerals, and supplements to reverse hypertension, diabetes, inflammation, cancer, heart disease, thyroid dysfunction, gastrointestinal and auto-immune disorders. Led by our doctor, these wellness programs will educate and help residents and their families with the best nutritional protocol to ensure a healthy diet and lifestyle. We specialize in the root cause of disease, prevention of these disorders, and maintenance of health through the five pillars: Detoxification, Nutrition, Fitness, Hormones and Genetics.