13919 Ridge Oak Parkway, San Antonio, TX 78249

About Us

Our Vision…

is to be the first choice of aging seniors and their families seeking assisted living, where hope is restored – bringing joy – and body and mind are rejuvenated by applying wellness and natural science.

Our Mission…

is to redefine the assisted living experience by incorporating wellness into our care. To raise the quality of life during retirement years and restore the body’s natural ability to heal through the 5 Pillars of Health: detox, nutrition, exercise, hormones, and genetics.

Meet the Owners

Jimmy Caldwell, Director

Jimmy is an accomplished business owner,speaker, and leader who has impacted many lives throughout his successful career. Jimmy is a seasoned Program Director who served four years in the United States Air Force, including an overseas tour during Operation Iraqi Freedom War in 2003 and the past 10 years with the City of San Antonio.

He has served the citizens of San Antonio in his role as Program Director and delivered numerous high-impact, multi-million-dollar implementations including a $35M technology project for Development Services Department.

Jimmy is married to Roxy and has 3 children including twin girls and a boy. Jimmy is a distinguished graduate from a number of universities including two bachelor’s degrees: in Business Administration and Practical Ministry and three master’s degrees in Information Systems, Project Management, and Business Administration. Jimmy is also a certified Project Management Professional and Texas Assisted Living Facility Manager. Jimmy loves people and is very passionate about the opportunity to care for seniors and their families and to deliver the highest quality services in the industry.

Dr. Julio Jimenez, Wellness Doctor

Julio Jimenez (Dr. J) practices wellness and functional medicine at his San Antonio, TX Imagine Wellness Centre’. It is here that he incorporates Lifestyle programs, Nutrition, Education, and Organic Supplementation. He is well qualified for this unique field with his doctoratein Chiropractic, and a post-graduate degree in internal disorders-functional medicine. His other specialties include the connection of the gut, the thyroid, and autoimmune.

Dr. J, a globally-sought after speaker and well ness expert, is quickly becoming a leading expert in lifelong optimized living. He has proven that almost any proactive person can reclaim health and vitality at any age by implementing God’s established Word and through the body’s innate ability to heal itself when given the right care.

“I believe I am fulfilling God’s purpose for my life as a Wellness Doctor, helping people reclaim their health by establishing the foundation of the five pillars of health: proper nutrition, exercise, hormone balance, detoxification and genetics. I personally want to commend you on moving forward and taking responsibility for your most valuable asset – your health and well-being. Given the opportunity, I would love to make a difference in your life and subsequently in the lives of those who love you and depend on you.”

Are you ready to launch into a life-changing experience that will empower you and motivate you to take charge of your health and live the abundant life God destined for you? Best Wishes and Health Blessings.