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Restoring Joy. Rejuvenating Souls.

"We Bring the Wellness Into the Care"

In the beginning …

This home assisted living idea started as a result of what Dr. Julio Jimenez and his wife Sandra have experienced in their functional medicine clinic at Imagine Wellness Centre.

“We saw the need to reach out to the nursing homes but we realize that they were not in a position to follow a meal plan or a healthy cooking lifestyle because they were not owners of their own lives and depended on others to make their food and feed them. The food they eat in these big overcrowded facilities is mainly pre-cooked and processed, giving them no choice at all to manage their health and well-being.”

We identified the gap and we are here to fill it by recognizing that life is sacred and has to be respected. That is why our home is not a place where they spend their last days but a place where they find improved physical and spiritual health and feelings of being rejuvenated again. A home where they can improve their quality of life until the Lord calls them home.

The Facts …

It is not easy to leave your loved one in a big facility where you wonder if they are loved, cared for and protected the way you would do it if you had the time and could make the sacrifice of caring for them.
There are too many facilities to choose from and too many decisions to make concerning mom or dad.

So, Who is Imagine Wellness Assisted Living?

Who We Are NOT …

We are not an assisted living residence with traditional protocols dictated by insurance and pharmaceutical companies. 

We do not squeeze in as many residents as we can into our home to increase profitability sacrificing the quality of our care.

We are not a drop off senior care home that watches passively as your loved one’s age-in-place.

We do not minimize food costs by ordering fast, cheap, processed foods. If you are disappointed with the traditional assisted living care system and would like an affordable new approach to health in your loved one’s retirement years, you are in the right path in the quest for your optimal wellbeing.

Who We ARE.

We have advanced solutions to care for your loved ones and a rich, positive environment is essential to health and wellness . At Imagine Wellness Assisted Living we qualify our residents and family members to ensure we are aligned in values and commitments.

We are looking for families who are committed to a positive living experience and value their loved one’s continued health restoration.

We are looking for residents that can no longer reasonably care for themselves or who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness or irreversible disease such as auto-immune disorders, cancer, high blood pressure, depression, early stages of dementia/Alzheimer’s, to normal disabled or aging.

If you identified with this description, you are in the right place and on the road to a great journey with your loved one.

We offer the following services …

– Homemade cooking by a designated chef
– Meal plans tailored to different health conditions by our holistic nutritionist
– Wellness packages available, supervised by our wellness doctor
– Transportation services to appointments
– Spacious rooms and amenities in one-of-a-kind luxury home
– Prime location – 5 minutes from  mall; 10 minutes from medical center
– Home away from home atmosphere
– Senior fitness plans
– Daily activities and more!

Our Services & Amenities

Residential Living

Our brand-new assisted living home at Ridge Oak is the better way and ultimate experience for the elderly.
You can rely on the fact that we exist to make your loved one part of our family too. A home where they can live in an atmosphere of peace, love, wellness and compassion. We aim daily in creating a caring and safe home with the feeling of a home away from home. A home like no other, with its almost 8,000 sq./ft in an elegant and luxurious Texan Ranch style home. Learn more about our residence here.

We believe in the wellbeing of the spirit, soul and body. We emphasize two main things:

Nutrition & Connection


We believe the right food is our medicine, so we take pride in providing the right nutrients for our seniors by having home cook meals just like the food they used to eat when they were growing up. We have a variety of menu choices which are written by our nutritionist and tailored to specific meal plans such as high blood pressure, diabetes, gluten free diets, etc.

Our Nutrition & Wellness


We give our seniors opportunities to interact and belong to a community through small groups. Our goal is that our residents find new joy and meaning in life by sharing their stories. As they share their lives with others, they are keeping their family memories and themselves alive.

Their stories are a precious gift to future generations and to past ones. They have so much to tell the world. We also offer a Christian environment with weekly bible studies to enrich the soul and grow their faith.

We provide senior exercise sessions to strengthen muscles, help with mobility, and encourage them into a more proactive life.

Learn About Volunteering

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